Cymin Samawatie / Korhan Erel

Cymin Samawatie and Korhan Erel met and played for the first time in 2015, when they were brought together by clarinetist David Rothenberg in Berlin. Since then, they have been collaborating in a number of projects, including Cymin’s quartet Cyminology, one-off projects, Divan/Trickster orchestras and also this duo. This collaboration is an abstract world of poetry from various literary cultures and sounds of everyday objects, dreamy soundscapes and angry timbres that come together and also drift apart, touching and forming each other. It is full of improvisation, both idiomatic and non-idiomatic. There is no hierarchy between words and sounds. They are used interchangeably.

Their debut concert was at Berlin’s Radialsystem in February 2016, where they took part in an Sascha Waltz and Friends event. Since then, they have performed in Werkstatt der Kulturen (2016 and 2018), Urban Acoustic Tribe (2017) and #displaced #replaced festival (2017), again at Radialsystem in Berlin.  In 2019, they are invited to perform a concert in Istanbul under the sponsporship of BAU Art in February. BAU Art was also their sponsor for their 2018 performance at Werkstatt der Kulturen.

For booking requests, please contact Korhan Erel