Findings (2015)

Korhan Erel have shown their audio-visual installation “findings” in the group exhibition “Waves” at Istanbul’s Blok Art Space gallery curated by Ebru Yetişkin in January-February 2015.

“In the last 10 years I have used field recordings as primary material for my works in improvisation performances, solo conceptual sound performances, as well as the sound designs and music I have produced for visual and performing arts. Recently, I have taken my work with field recordings one step further and started studying and documenting the content of these recordings for various projects; one of these projects was shown at the 13th Istanbul Biennial. Findings takes this work yet further. I will be presenting the sound wave displays, and these waves’ spectral signature (frequency/time), that I have studied from the sound recordings I have made over the years and will be making, as sonic (regarding sound) photographs. By also printing out spectrograms and wave visualizations, I will present a visual analysis of the auditory texture of the part of the city the recordings belong to. Moreover, I will be inscribing my findings on these analyses like a documentary maker or a doctor. In a notebook I collect these prints as the visual description of the city’s sound examples, or in other words it’s sound traces, and my notes as the “symptoms” I will find through these traces. Some pages from this notebook will also be displayed. Certain sounds, and spectrograms will come together with waveforms in a video.”

Findings / Bulgular – Korhan Erel (digital print)