Solo – Conceptual, thematic live sound performances based on field recordings, found sounds and designed sounds.

The Liz – conceptual, performative, narrative, gender-and-species-bending improvisation trio with Liz Allbee (amplified trumpet, electronics), Liz Kosack (synthesizers) and Liz Erel (computer, controllers, electronics). Supported by Initiative für Neue Musik Berlin in 2016 and by Musikfonds in 2021.

Ephemeral Fragments – improvising power trio of Florian Walter (tubax), Emily Wittbrodt (cello) and Korhan Erel (electronics). Debut album “Mit Gefühl” released in 2022 on Umland Records.

Nervous Entanglement – a somewhat satirical take on robotics, artificial intelligence and all that stuff by artist, designer Malte Jehmlich and musician, sound artist Korhan Erel. Supported by NRW Culture Sekretariat.

Böseblick – a fresh electronic music quartet founded in 2021 with Alessandra Eramo (voice, tapes, effects), Korhan Erel (synthesizer), Ariel Orah (electronics), Kirsten Reese (computer, objects). Supported by INM Berlin in 2022.  

Gunnar Lettow / Korhan Erel – prepared electric bass and computer duo. Korhan Erel’s oldest project in Germany dating back to 2011.