Solo – Conceptual, thematic live sound performances based on field recordings, found sounds and designed sounds.

The Liz – conceptual, performative, narrative, gender-and-species-bending improvisation trio with Liz Allbee (amplified trumpet, electronics), Liz Kosack (synthesizers) and Liz Erel (computer, controllers, electronics). Supported by Initiative für Neue Musik Berlin in 2016.

UnStumm – collaborative, international improvised audio-visual event where two mixed teams of artists from two countries rehearse together and follow with a performance. Premiered in Cologne and will take place in Hong Kong, Singapore, Norway and possibly also in Istanbul and Ankara.

Serene – Cologne-based electronically enhanced jazz duo with pianist/composer/singer Laia Genc.

Gunnar Lettow / Korhan Erel – prepared electric bass and computer duo

a garden – a duo with dancer Jagna Anderson

Dört – improvising quartet with Ute Wassermann (voice, birdcalls), Biliana Voutchkova (violin), Meinrad Kneer (double bass), Korhan Erel (computer, controllers)

Is Paradise Cheaper? – a lecture-sound performance with Göksu Kunak

Martin Blume Quartet – improvising quartet with Martin Blume (drums), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Ariel Shibolet (soprano saxophone),Korhan Erel (computer, controllers)

Judith Wegmann Quartet – improvising quartet with Judith Wegmann, (prepared piano), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Julien Megroz (percussion), Korhan Erel (computer, controllers)

Mark Alban Lotz / Korhan Erel – flute and computer duo

Privilegierte Partnerschaft – performance duo with Antje Vowinckel (computer, voice, conceptualization) on language, misunderstanding, cultural integration and many more. The name is a term coined by German chancellor Angela Merkel to describe her vision for Turkey in the EU, and means “privileged partnership” in English.