for booking requests, please contact me at contact@korhanerel.com

January 15 / Ephemeral Fragments plays at Black Box in Münster
January 16 / Ephemeral Fragments plays at Ateliergemeinschaft Beisingstraße in Essen

January 19 / Böseblick plays at Klub Katarakt Festival in Hamburg

January 28 / Solo at Glass concert series at TRxxxTR, Oberbaumstraße 11, 10997 Berlin.

February 24 / Duo with Roman Stolyar (piano) at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin 20:30

March 25 / Double bill with The Liz and Ephemeral Fragments at Ausland, Berlin (the very last concert of The Liz after eight years of playing together!) 20:30

April 27 / Only With You plays at Otherland Book Store in Berlin. 20:00

May 10 / Solo concert at New and Newest Music Festival at Arter, Istanbul

May 19 / Lettow Erel Duo and Only With You (Eliad Wagner and Korhan Erel) play in the Frequenzgänge series at Linker Laden in Hamburg. 20:00

June 10 / Improvised music concert with Detlef Kraft (percussion), Wolfgang Reimers (soprano sax) and Thomas Honecker (guitar) at Hoff-ART Theater in Darmstadt. 20:00

June 19 / Böseblick plays live on “The Rest is Music” on Radio Cashmere, 19:00