Ephemeral Fragments

Ephemeral Fragments is an improvising trio with Florian Walter on tubax, Emily Wittbrodt on cello, and Korhan Erel on electronics. They played their first concert on April 29th, 2019 when Florian asked the other two musicians to play with him at his concert series at Alte Mitte in Essen. Happy with the results of this concert, the three musicians decided to go forward with this line up and played a recording session later in 2019. Despite the onset of the pandemic, they have managed to play two more concerts in 2020. The first one was on the first day of the first lockdown, March 14th, in Essen and the second one in Krefeld on August 15th. Another concert in Duisburg had to be cancelled.

The trio released their debut album “mit gefühl” on Umland Records (vinyl and digital) in 2022. Please follow the link for more info and purchasing -> https://florianwalter.bandcamp.com/album/mit-gef-hl