January 8 / Duo with cellist Anıl Eraslan at Experimontag at Madame Claude, Berlin

January 30 / Solo sound performance following a tour and talk at the closing events of Memed Erdener’s art show at Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, 18:00

February 1 / Duo with flutist Mark Alban Lotz at Watt, Berlin

February 4 / “In-Spheres” a dance-music performance with Lerna Babikyan at Dock11 in the soundance encounters series curated by Jenny Hack, 19:00

February 8 / Launch concert for SoundEnergyTransformation album released on FMR with Udo Schindler (reeds), Sebi Tramontana (trombone) at Koesk, Munich, 20:00

February 9 / Launch concert for Leben|Nebel released on Creative Sources with Udo Schindler (reeds) at 81. Salon für KLANG + KUNST, Bergstrasse 28c, 82152 Krailling, 20:00

February 11 / The first improv session of the Divan der Kontinente – Project Modara ensembles with Liz Allbee (trumpet), Martin Stegner (viola), Susanne Fröhlich (bass recorder), Anıl Eraslan (cello), Bassem Alkhouri (kanun), Ralf Schwarz (double bass), Cymin Samawatie & Ketan Bhatti (artistic direction) at Galerie Kremers, Berlin, 15:00

February 15 / Graduation concert of double bassist/composer Fyodor Stephanov at the Jazz Institute Berlin, 18:00 (line up to be announced soon)

March 16 / Rainer Stolz (poetry), Kriton Breyer (objects, electronics), Korhan Erel (electronics) at exploratorium, Berlin

March 22 / playing an improvised electronic set at Sonik Butik, Istanbul.

April 15-16 / Divan of the Continents orchestra concert at Heimathafen, Berlin

May 4 / A solo performance as a part of IrrZone, a project curated by Steffi Weissmann and Özgür Erkök Moroder at Aquarium, Berlin.

May 10 / Dream Works Ensemble curated by cellist Anıl Eraslan at Sowieso, Berlin

May 12 / Playing “üçgen dörtgen” to open for the performance by Robert Lippok and Kaan Bulak at ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe

May 16 / Lettow / Erel Duo at Kulturpalast Linden, Linden, Germany

May 18 / Lettow / Erel Duo at Linker Laden, Hamburg, Germany

May 19 / Panelist with Nadin Deventer (Jazzfest Berlin), Shane Burmania (Muziekgebouw Amsterdam), Dr. Christian Esch (Kultursekretariat NRW) on economics and valuation of experimental music in the Moers Festival

May 27 / Lettow / Erel plays at the Creative Sources Festival at Kühlspot Social Club in Berlin

June 2 / Solo concert in the Biegungen im Ausland concert series at Ausland, Berlin

June 3 / Solo concert at Viron Erol Mert’s exhibition opening at Riga International Biennal of Contemporary Art, Latvia.

June 8 / “Paper Stone Scissors” lecture-sound performance in the Raki Prinzip series of talks at bi’bak, Berlin

June 13 / Solo and group improvisations in the Solo Improvisation Festival at ACUD, Berlin

June 15 / Performance with Wolter Wierbos (trombone), Oğuz Büyükberber (clarinets), Eva Hoogland (voice), Gülşah Erol (cello), and Giray Gürkal (electric guitar) at Doek Festival at Bimhuis, Amsterdam

June 20 / VollMund – Edith Steyer, Sofia Borges (replacing Adrian David Krok) and Korhan Erel) plays at Loophole, Berlin

June 24 / “In-Spheres” a dance-music performance with Lerna Babikyan at Dock11 in at the Soundance Festival curated by Jenny Hack

June 26 / Cymin Samawatie (voice) and Korhan Erel (electronics) duo at Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin, with the kind support of BAUART, the department of Bahçeşehir University (BAU) for supporting and facilitating international artistic projects

July 13 / Falan, Korhan’s new experimental techno project, plays techno at Wilde Renate (details to follow)

July 21 / Electronics duo with Rodrigo Castellanos at Sowieso, Berlin

August 2 / Improvised concert with Marina Dzukliev (piano), Isak Hedtjärn (clarinet), and Billy Steiger (violin) at Hagenfesten in Dala-Floda, Sweden

August 3 / Playing in the Umlaut Orchestra at Hagenfesten in Dala-Floda, Sweden

August 15 / Solo concert in the Experimentik series by Seiji Morimoto, Berlin (venue to be announced)

August 19 / Solo concert in the Flux Festival in Berlin

September 1 / Solo concert at Viron Erol Vert’s open studio at Villa Romana, Florence, Italy

September 11 / Playing soundtracks to experimental films in the Sentimental Punk series at Kotti Shop, Berlin

September 20 – 21 / Divan Berlin-Istanbul orchestra concerts at Heimathafen, Berlin

September 22 / Ayşegül plays techno at dat fest 2018 at STATE Studios in Kleistpark

September 29 / Performing Laura Mello’s piece “Living Radio” at Sound Art Festival Dystopie at Kollwitzplatz, Berlin

October 8 / improvising with Klub Demboh (Mia Dyberg, Axel Dörner, Tristan Honsinger, Joel Grip) at Petersburg Art Space Berlin

October 12 / Performing lecture performance “paper stone scissors” at Laura Mello’s album launch on Corvo Records at West Germany, Berlin

October 13 / Ayşegül plays techno to open TrashEra’s floor at Pornceptual, Berlin

October 29 / Improvising with Klub Demboh at Petersburg Art Space Berlin with Antonio Borghini (bass), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Isidora Edwards (cello), Korhan Erel (electronics), Michael Griener (drums), Carina Khorkhordina (trumpet), Mat Pogo (voice), Biliana Voutchkova (violin)

November 2-3 / Two Nights in a Row organized by Anıl Eraslan and Korhan Erel with musicians from Berlin, Istanbul and Tel-Aviv

November 2: Anıl Eraslan (cello), Korhan Erel (electronics), Uygur Vural (cello), Ayşe Cansu Tanrıkulu (voice), Tom Soloveitzik (sax), Şevket Akıncı (guitar), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Anaïs Tuerlinckx (piano)

November 3: Anıl Eraslan (cello), Korhan Erel (electronics), Ayşe Cansu Tanrıkulu (voice), Tom Soloveitzik (sax), Şevket Akıncı (guitar), Mikail Yakut (accordeon), Marie Takahashi (viola), Amélie Legrand (cello)

November 16 / The Liz performs “Book of Birds” at Borusan Music House in Istanbul

November 30 / Solo improvised performance at New Adits Festival in Klagenfurt

December 7 / Divan Berlin-Istanbul orchestra concert, BAU (Bahçeşehir University) Istanbul

December 15 / The Liz improvises and talks at Donau115

December 17 / Klub Demboh at Petersburg Art Space with
Daichi Yoshikawa – feedback speaker
Marie Takahashi – viola
Antonio Borghini – double bass
Tristan Honsinger – cello
Joel Grip – double bass
Mia Dyberg – saxophone
Frauke Nowak – detective