David Rothenberg, Korhan Erel, and nightingales of Treptower Park, Berlin

Duo Lotz/Erel


Islak Köpek

Islak Köpek is Turkey’s pioneering free improvisation band and is believed to have started the free improvisation scene in Istanbul. It was founded by Korhan Erel and Şevket Akıncı in 2005. It released the first Turkish free improvisation album in 2009 on the Turkish label A.K. Müzik. Below are a selection from Islak Köpek’s output throughout the years, including a downloadable live recording with French musician Oliver Germain-Noureux.

Some of Islak Köpek’s output over the years by Islak Köpek

Islak Köpek’s second album, “one year later, two years ago” was released as an electronic download on the Turkish netlabel re:konstrukt in 2009. Re:konstrukt has recently ceased their operations, completely unannounced, and all of its catalog has been unavailable ever since. I have managed to make this second Islak Köpek album available through Bandcamp.