Korhan Erel plays solo computer music performances where he brings together field recordings, found sounds, designed sounds to craft thematic or narrative sound worlds. He has performed such shows at MAK Wien in 2010 and 2013, at the Austrian Forum in London in 2010, in the 2nd Teheran Digital Arts Exhibition (TADAEX) in 2012 and in the MexAppeal concert series in Dortmund in 2015, as well as numerous performances in Istanbul. Korhan’s next solo performance will be on November 20, 2015 in the ‘Biegungen im Ausland’ concert series at Ausland in Berlin.

Please see the players below for recordings of some solo concerts in Vienna, Teheran and Istanbul.

Concert at New Adits Festival 2018 in Klagenfurt

Disorient and Accident, a solo performance in the MAK Nite concerts series curated by Marlies Wirth at MAK Wien (Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art Vienna) in April 2013

Solo performance in the 2nd Teheran Digital Arts Exhibition (TADAEX) in 2012

Public Computing – Two solo live performances released on the Electronic Musik netlabel