Physical Releases

44 Ephemeral FragmentsEphemeral Fragments – mit gefühl (2022)
Debut vinyl and digital release by the improvising trio Ephemeral Fragments comprising Florian Walter (tubax), Emily Wittbrodt (cello) and Korhan Erel (electronics). Released on Umland Records.


Trickster Orchestra (2021)
Debut album by the Berlin-based contemporary music/jazz orchestra led by Cymin Samawatie and Ketan Bhatti on ECM Records.

leben|nebel_CDLeben | Nebel (2018)

The second release from Korhan’s encounter with multi-instrumentalist Udo Schindler in July 2016, this time a duo in his Salon für Klang+Kunst series. Released on Creative Sources.

R-11398315-1515785874-8692.jpegSound Energy Transformation (2018)
The first release from Korhan’s encounter with multi-instrumentalist Udo Schindler in July 2016. A trio with Udo Schindler and trombonist Sebastiano Tramontana. Released on FMR Records.

HUMANOISE_CDHumaNoise – Tutti (2017)
Live ensemble recordings by ten musicians at the HumaNoise Congress #28, a three-day marathon of improvised music in Wiesbaden, Germany. Released on Creative Sources.

David Rothenberg & Korhan Erel - Berlin Bülbül

David Rothenberg and Korhan Erel – Berlin Bülbül (2015)
Improvisations with nightingales in Berlin as well as home recordings in 2014. Released in May 2015 on Gruenrekorder. Buy CD | Buy on iTunes

live at zaal 100W. Wierbos, W. de Joode, Ş. Akıncı, G. Gürkal, K. Erel – Live at Zaal100 (2014)
Live recording of the Stichting Doek event at Zaal100 in Amsterdam on September 29, 2013. Released on Müzik Hayvanı in October 2014.

Bad Falling Bostel - CoverGunnar Lettow and Korhan Erel – Bad Falling Bostel (2014)
Recorded at Gunnar’s home in 2013. Released on Creative Sources. Available on the label website and soon in music stores. Launch tour in Germany in September-October 2014.

Tom Soloveitzik, Kevin Davis, Korhan Erel – Three States of Freedom (2012)
Recorded in Jaffa, Israel in June 2010. Released on Creative Sources and also available on CDBaby, mp3 sites and Lale Plak in Istanbul

Mark Alban Lotz & Islak Köpek – Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th (2011)
A collaboration between German flutist Mark Alban Lotz and Islak Köpek released on Evil Rabbit Records

Nikos Kyriazopoulos & Korhan Erel – Live (2011)
on Kukuruku Recordings
Recorded live by Tasos Stamou at Knot Gallery in Athens in March 2011
Available through Metamkine and the label website

Islak Köpek / Islak Köpek (2008) on A.K. Müzik
Islak Köpek’s debut album, considered to be a milestone in the new music scene in Turkey. Available on iTunes | Amazon | CDBaby | Idefix (Turkish site) and all other mp3 online stores

Digital Releases


spam victim – spam me senseless (2016) – self-release
spam victim is a collection of short electronic pieces inspired by subject lines of spam emails Korhan received between 2006 and 2015. Available on Bandcamp.

Animal Music album cover

Elliott Sharp, David Rothenberg, Lasse-Marc Riek, Korhan Erel – Animal Music: Live at Jää-äär (2016)
Recorded live at the launch of the book “Animal Music” at Cafe Jää-äär in May 2015 in Berlin. Released as a digital download on tokafi.

Cover design by Christine Schörkhuber

Canned Fit, Yannis Saxonis, Korhan Erel – Live at Gitar Cafe (2014)
Recorded live in concert at Gitar Cafe on September 3, 2013. Released on Gronde Murmure. Name-your-price download here.

Tolga Tüzün & Korhan Erel – Superimposed Circumstances (2012)
Recorded at Bilgi University in 2009. Released on Another World and many other online music stores

Korhan Erel – Public Computing (2011) on Electronic Musik (UK)
An internet release of two recent solo computer concerts played using Omnibus, Korhan’s self-designed set of computer instruments and controllers. Free download

Islak Köpek / One year later, two years ago (double album) (2009)
This album was originally released on rekonstrukt, which has recently stopped their operations without prior notice, making all releases obsolete. It is now available on Bandcamp.

Con-structures – Korhan Erel (2006) on Laboratoire Moderne – (Bandcamp)

My first digital release.

Compilations, Albums by other Artists

Aleksey Borisov / Olga Nosova – Istanbul 2010:World cup (2010) on TOP-40 (free download on
Second track with: Olga Nosova, Aleksey Borisov, Robert Reigle, Korhan Erel