January 4 / Serene plays at Winterjazz at Stadtgarten, Cologne

January 14 / Improvisation concert with Ingrid Schmoliner (prepared piano), Maja Osojnik (voice, electronics), Martin Brandlmayr (percussion) at Echoraum, Vienna

January 26 / Chor Zur Welt meets Trickster Acoustic (+Electronic), Bürgerhaus, Wilhelmsburg

February 12 / Impro concert with Max Stehle (sax) and Roman Stolyar (piano) at Artist Homes in Berlin

February 15 / Music of Sun Ra with Tyler Nelson (piano, keyboards), Tasso Savvopoulos (guitar), Fyodor Stepanov (double bass), Samuel Hall (drums) and Korhan Erel (electronics, synth) at Sowieso, Berlin

February 17 / Klub Demboh at Petersburg Art Space

February 28 / Solo and duo with Joel Köhn at Bunker Ulmenwall, Bielefeld

March 9 / Klub Demboh at Petersburg Art Space

March 11 / Solo at Sentimental Punk, Kottishop, Berlin

March 14 / Ephemeral Fragments – Emily Wittbrodt (cello), Florian Walter (tubax), Korhan Erel (electronics) – in Selbstverteidigungszentrum Essen

April 1 / The Liz improvises at West Germany

May 7 / Book launch concert with David Rothenberg (clarinets), Cymin Samawatie (voice), and nightingales at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

May 17 / “Vater” with Trickster Orchestra and Chor zur Welt at the Elbphilharmonie at the Hamburg International Music Festival (sold out)

May 21 / Concert with Radiolux at Festival Interzone Leipjazzig, Leipzig

May 29-30 / “How to get rid of a body” with Léonard Engel at Sophiensaele, Berlin

June 28 / Improvisation with Julia Wahren (text, voice), Karina Erhard (flute, saxophone), Tobi Weber (guitar) at Hoch X, Munchen

July 8 / Aura: Musing Orchestra at Arter, Istanbul Jazz Festival, Istanbul

July 10 / The Liz plays at Heroines of Sound at Radialsystem, Berlin (streamed concert)

July 11 / Klub Demboh feat. Simon Sieger plays the music of Sun Ra, Jazz am Kaisersteg, Berlin

July 17 / ‘Beethoven’ improvisation at Neuköllner Oper with Cymin Samawatie (voice), Taiko Saito (chromatic percussion), Wu Wei (sheng), Niko Meinhold (piano), Ralf Schwarz (double bass)

July 22 / Julia Brüssel (violin) and Korhan Erel (electronics) at Improvised and Experimental, Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

August 10 / with Taiko Saito (marimbaphone), Cymin Samawatie (piano), Florian Juncker (trombone) playing the ‘Lerchenbaum’ at Galerie Kremers, Berlin – pre-recorded/filmed concert will be streamed during the Jazzwoche in Berlin

August 15 / Nervous Entanglement with Malte Jehmlich, Krefeld
August 15 / Concert with Ephemeral Fragments: Emily Wittbrodt, cello; Florian Walter, tubax; Korhan Erel, electronics, Krefeld

September 12 / Tape music rendition of a graphical score at timeless 10 – Corvo Festival, Berlin (I will not be present)

September 12 / The Liz plays at nano#drei festival, Essen

September 13 / Solo concert at Zentrum für verfolgte Künste, Solingen (curated by Birte Fritsch)

September 13 / Improvisation at MMI Festival, Munich

September 16 / Eli Ningu (synth) and Korhan Erel (synth) at Improvised and Experimental, Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

September 27 / Finissage concert with Cymin Samawatie for Viron Erol Vert’s installation at Lillenthalstraße 7, Berlin

October 23 / “Disturbing” with Trickster Orchestra at Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn
October 25 / “Disturbing” with Trickster Orchestra at Radialsystem, Berlin

Nervous Entanglement at LAB30, Augsburg

November 5-15 / Sound installation “Scarecrow” and concerts by Korhan Erel, Ute Wassermann and Alessandra Eramo at top e.V., Berlin (supported by the intercultural funds of the Berlin Senate)

November 14 / Concert with Ephemeral Fragments and dancers

December 5 / Concert with Radiolux at Festival Interzone Leipjazzig, Leipzig