Solo Performances

Besides leading or being member of several projects, Korhan Erel also plays solo electronic music concerts. Korhan likes to sonify narratives or concepts, weaving field recordings, found, designed and synthesized sounds together into stories diffused in space through multiple speakers. Korhan played in art spaces, museums and venues in Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul, London, Pisa, Teheran and Vienna. Two of Korhan’s performances in Istanbul have been released on the UK-based Electronic Musik internet label under the title “Public Computing“.

Video of “üçgen-dörtgen” at Quiet Cue @ KINDL

Korhan Erel “üçgen-dörtgen” at Quiet Cue at KINDL from Korhan Erel on Vimeo.

Korhan Erel performs their quadraphonic piece “üçgen-dörtgen” (triangle-rectangle) at Kindl Center for Contemporary Art for the concert series curated by Michael Renkel and Nicolas Wiese of Quiet Cue. The piece is based on triangle samples and physically modeled drum synths. It was premiered in April 2013 at Museum of Applied Arts and Contemporary Art Vienna (MAK Wien).

A live recording of TV People, a piece inspired by Haruki Murakami’s story of the same title, performed in 2012 in Istanbul