Pavane Concept, Choreography, Performance by Léonard Engel
Music, Performance by Korhan Erel
Dramaturgy by Maja Zimmermann

Léonard Engel transposes animal behaviours such as mimicry and mating rituals onto the human anatomy as the basis for his choreographic practice. He raises the question of the artistic value of animal dances and reconsiders the hierarchy of the species. This piece was premiered on January 13rd at the Tanztage 2019 in Sophiensaele in Berlin. The music was performed live by Korhan Erel on several sound producing and morphing machines.

KlangZeit Improvisors Ensemble

Korhan Erel, Gülşah Erol, Gunnar Lettow
Quiet Cue, Berlin
November 10, 2012

Korhan Erel, Gülşah Erol, Gunnar Lettow live at Quiet Cue, Berlin from Korhan Erel on Vimeo.

Quiet Cue #101.4

Korhan Erel (Istanbul) – computer
Gülsah Erol (Istanbul) – cello
Gunnar Lettow (Hamburg) – electric bass, objects, electronics

Nikos Kyriazopulos & Korhan Erel
live at the Knot Gallery, Athens
March 18, 2011

Ses Duvarı

An audiovisual project by Korhan Erel & İlknur Ayışık. This video was shot by Umut Çağlar. Ses Duvarı video material will soon be published online.

Nazım’a Doğru
An audiovisual project by eight Turkish musicians and visual artists based on the work of the great Turkish poet and political exile, Nazım Hikmet. This performance had its debut in Moscow on June 3, 2010, Nazım’s death anniversary. Next performance will be in Strasbourg, France on November 29, 2011

Islak Köpek on Turkish TV (TRT)
February 18, 2009
This performance + interview was soon after we released our debut album, which became a milestone in the Turkish music scene, paving the way to many other albums

Islak Köpek – Mu No Basho

The third piece from the cult first-album by Islak Köpek. This album paved the way for many other free improvisation and free jazz releases in Turkey and has been highly regarded as a milestone.

Şirin Soysal – Gloomy Sunday

This is a dark, ambient interpretation of Gloomy Sunday by Şirin Soysal. I designed and played all electronic sounds and synth lines.