Concerts in İzmir, Berlin and Bucharest in November

Korhan Erel goes international this month with concerts in İzmir, Berlin and Bucharest.

The first concert is a solo electronic improvisation at the digitİZMir 7 Festival curated by composer/musician Mehmet Can Özer/Yaşar Üniversity in Izmir, Turkey. Korhan will play on November 3 at 19:30 (Turkish time). The second concert of the evening will be by Mehmet Can Özer. Korhan will also present a workshop titled “Improvisation in Electronic Music” with a focus on limitation, listening, being “present on stage” and instrument design ideas.

Korhan’s next concert will be at the Berlin Jazz Festival with Mariá Portugal’s ensemble, where Portugal will present re-worked, re-interpreted, re-imagined and de-constructed versions of songs from her upcoming album EROSÃO.

Mariá Portugal

“Some of Germany’s strongest improvisers, including saxophonist Angelika Niescier, tubist Carl Ludwig Hübsch, and electronic artist Korhan Erel, will join her in forging heavily improvised versions of songs from “Erosão”, stitched together in spontaneous order through additional layers of improvisation.”

Mariá Portugal drums, percussion, voice
Angelika Niescier saxophone
Filipe Nader saxophone
Heidi Bayer trumpet
Moritz Wesp trombone
Carl Ludwig Hübsch tuba
Reza Askari bass
Korhan Erel electronics, sound processing

Korhan’s third and fourth concerts will be in the project “Unified Voices of Banat” led by Claudia van Hasselt, Sabina Ulubeanu and Amen Feizabadi. The project is a site-specific transtraditional-contemporary music theatre that focuses on the fascinating, uniquely diverse region of Banat in Romania, where many European cultures, which were brought together here by migration in the first centuries of the last millennium, co-exist in what some describe as a kind of “Little Europe.”

The project is presented by TAN-IN طن این in cooperation with Art&Co Association Bucharest

The Bucharest concert will be on November 12th at the Meridian Festival in Bucharest. The Berlin performance will be on November 27th and 28th at Spreehalle Berlin.

Claudia van Hasselt // Voice, artistic direction
Biliana Voutchkova // violin
Mihai Pintenaru // clarinette, traditional instruments
Korhan Erel // Live electronics
Paula Turcas // traditional singing
Sabina Ulubeanu // composer, artistic direction
Amen Feizabadi // composer, artistic direction

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Mariá Portugal’s EROSÃO and Masterclass at Stapeltor, Duisburg

Korhan Erel is going to perform in the second concert of Mariá Portugal’s EROSÃO series at Stapeltor in Duisburg. This series will evolve around Maria’s 2021 album EROSÃO. The concert with Korhan and Liz Kosack (synthesizer) will be improvisations based loosely on the album material and ideas, and will focus on the electronic side of the album. The concert is on 22.10.2021 and will start at 20:00. Tickets can be purchased at this link

Mariá Portugal, drums, voice
Liz Kosack, synthesizer
Korhan Erel, electronics

Masterclass on Fundamentals of Electronic Music

Korhan is going to present a masterclass on fundamentals of electronic music at Stapeltor on 23.10.2021. In this masterclass, Korhan will speak about fundamental concepts of elektronik music, such as sound synthesis, sampling, as well as on simple performance ideas and the use of mobile devices for music making. The masterclass will be interactive and audience participation will be encouraged. The participants can bring their instruments in case they want to ask instrument-specific questions. The event is free, but participants are required to reserve a place using this link.

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Concerts in Münster and Bonn

Them! (1954)

Korhan Erel will play a live solo soundtrack concert to the sci-fi cult film “Them!” (1954) on October 13, 2021 at Cuba – Black Box* in Münster. The concert will last the entire duration of the film and will be entirely improvised without prior preparation. Disclaimer: Korhan saw the film many years ago in a film class.

* at the time of this post, the concert was still not listed on the website for reasons unknown to me, but it’s happening.

Korhan’s second and third concerts will be at the The Dorf & Umland Festival on October 15, 2021 at Kreuzung an St. Helena in Bonn. The first concert is with Ephemeral Fragments, a wonderful improvising trio with Florian Walter (tubax) and Emily Wittbrodt (cello). Ephemeral Fragments was founded in 2019 and has spent the pandemic period quite active with rehearsals, recordings and even several concerts. Their debut album “Mit Gefühl” will be released in 2021.

The third concert will be as guest performer with violinist Julia Brüssel’s experimental string ensemble Liasemble. The ensemble consists of the following wonderful musicians:

Julia Brüssel — violin, comp | Gunda Gottschalk — violin | Pauline Buss — viola | Axel Lindner — viola | Emily Wittbrodt — cello | Nathan Bontrager — cello | Jonas Gerigk— bass

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The Liz presents “No Comet”, October 8-9, 2021

The Liz are
Liz Allbee
Liz Korhan Erel
Liz Kosack

The Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) extinction event was a sudden mass extinction of three-quarters of the plant and animal species on Earth, due to the impact of a massive comet or asteroid approximately 66 million years ago. It has been speculated that had this event not occurred, certain dinosaur groups would have had the potential to evolve into intelligent beings.

For their newest production No Comet, the trio The Liz will create a piece of non-humanist speculative fiction, positing a world where the dinosaurs didn’t become extinct and are, in fact, highly sentient beings. As a species, humans tend to take for granted our place in the world, forgetting that evolution – that life itself – is predicated upon chance and contingency. In No Comet, The Liz consider these chance events and imagine other possible pasts, presents, and futures, in order to hopefully acquire a larger lens through which to view ideas of sapience and societies.

No Comet will be premiered on 8th & 9th October at 20h in Sowieso, Berlin as both a performance and installative dinosaur cafe “Saurwieso”.

Additionally, a complementary gallery-front video will run from 8-10 October, 18-23h at Sowieso and top e.V. (Schillerpromenade 4) in Schillerkiez.

Stage Design: Nathalie Snel
Costume Design: Lisa Simpson

Free entrance. Limited Seating.

Reserve at:

No Comet is kindly supported by Musikfonds.

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Video Interview on Florilegio

I was recently approach by the blog Florilegio for a video interview. Florilegio is an independent blog covering experimental and underground music with an inclusive atypical approach. Their aim is to shift the traditional focus from men to wom人n, from centres to peripheries, from journalists to musicians in an attempt to increase awareness, address under-representation and promote connectedness. Originally developed through word-of-mouth, Florilegio focuses on creating a network of experimental wom人n artists and musicians willing to share points of view, experiences, tastes and thoughts, through an all fem人le curated platform.

Please follow this link for my section on the blog and do not forget to watch/read other interviews, texts with and from wom人n artists.

Many thanks to Sara Xiayu and Chiara Lee, co-curators of Florilegio, for inviting me to their wonderful blog. Big thanks to my amazing partner Tuçe Erel for filming and editing the video.

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August and September Concerts, Exhibition, Theater

Korhan Erel teamed up with Ayşe Cansu Tanrıkulu to compose music and sound for the theater piece “Krampus” directed and written by Isabella Sedlak and Ensemble at Maxim Gorki Theater. The play premiered on August 27 after a five-week period of rehearsals. Next shows are on September 16 and October 23.

Korhan played four shows with Klub Demboh and guests in August and September. The guests were Kalle Mews, Antoine Hummel, Mano Hiroki (subbing for Ciska Jansen, who couldn’t make it) and Lena Czerniawska. The venue was Petersburg Art Space

A new quartet was born out of a beautiful concert on Korhan’s Sowieso night on August 28. The quartet, yet to be named, consists of Alessandra Eramo (voice, tapes, electronics), Korhan Erel (synth, electronics), Ariel Orah (electronics, objects) and Kirsten Reese (laptop, controllers, objects). Stay tuned for more from this new, exciting group.

Korhan is showing their work “Scarecrow” at »deep states«, an exhibition curated by Maja Smozna at Bärenzwinger with works by BBB_ (Alla Popp & Alex Traka), Korhan Erel, Gosia Lehmann, Lukas Liese, Kristina Paustian and ZUGANG Kollektiv (Bruno Siegrist, Ada Kopaz, Can Kurucu, Tama Ruß). The exhibition will be open to public until November 21.

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Ephemeral Fragments playing at Umland Expo at Domicil, Dortmund

Florian Walter on Tubax

Ephemeral Fragments’ improvised concert in the Umland Expo concerts series at Dortmund’s music venue Domicil on May 20, 2021 can be watched at the following YouTube link for the next two weeks.

More info on Ephemeral Fragments

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Obwegeser Instruments

With the kind support from Goethe-Institut’s Virtual Partnership Residency program, composer/musician Eda Er and Korhan Erel created the audio-visual piece “Obwegeser Instruments” based on musician/poet Şevket Akıncı’s poem “Ballard Trilogy”. The ten-minute piece is a collage of several shorter sound and video pieces.

Please visit the website to watch the video.

The video is also available on YouTube.

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Two modular synth improvisations on film

I was asked to perform in two online concert series in 2021. The first one was Executive Summary curated and organized by Jeff Carey. My episode was aired on February 22, 2021 on Twitch. The second performance was for Digitizmir, curated and organized by Mehmet Can Özer. This was aired on February 28, 2021. Both performances were filmed by Tuçe Erel on the same day, hence the same outfit and camera angle, for these broadcasts. They are structured improvisations.

Executive Summary Performance

Digitizmir Performace

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Musics For No Particular Occasion – New Digital Release

Between May and August 2020, I had a relatively productive period, finally shaking the pandemic-related frozenness and depression off. As I was, just like many others, mostly at home, I composed, experimented, improvised and recorded. Most of these pieces I published on my Soundcloud profile almost immediately after recording them. I’ve recently returned to these sounds, listened to them again and have decided to compile some of them into an album of sorts, which I’ve named “Musics For No Particular Occasion”. Initially, these pieces, sounds, experiments, mistakes were not meant to be released as an album, but now I see that they are a rather interesting documentation of how I was and how my mind worked during that period. They are created with various electronic instruments that are/were in my studio in 2020. Some of those instruments are not with me anymore, as their purchase decisions were based on impulse, boredom or unfollowed musical ideas.

Musics For No Particular Occasion can be listened and even purchased on my Bandcamp page

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