Laia_Genc-Korhan_Erle_aMegapolis – that is where a lot of emerging projects start. People meet, mingle, create ideas, combine their creative power.

Laia Genc and Korhan Erel got to know each other in Istanbul, one of those magic mega cities, a town from ancient times and anew every day; where many different points of view meet, many layers of consciuosness combine. Laia and Korhan come from two different countries and very diverse musical backgrounds.

Laia is an accomplished composer, pianist and singer while Korhan is an autodidact in computer music and sound design. Together they play as „Serene”, a duo of transformations, both in music and on stage. Korhan’s computer and electronics shift and morph Laia’s piano and voice as she sings her own compositions and collected well-loved music. Times and stories meet and unfold, sounding landscapes are confronted with the concrete tones coming from the piano that blossom into serene musical bouquets.