Wassermann, Voutchkova, Kneer, Erel at Sowieso

Biliana Voutchkova 02 Meinrad Kneer Ute Wassermann




Korhan Erel will improvise with a group of wonderful musicians on September 19 at Berlin’s Sowieso in Neukölln. Korhan has been having sessions with voice improviser Ute Wassermann since he has moved to Berlin and has already had a duo performance with double-bass player Meinrad Kneer in the AUXX Festival in July. It will be his first time playing with violinist Biliana Voutchkova, a very active component of the Berlin echtzeitmusik scene. Doors will open at 19.30 and music will start at 20.30 sharp.

Ute Wassermann: voice, birdcalls
Biliana Voutchkova: violin
Meinrad Kneer: double-bass
Korhan Erel: computer, controllers

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Frischzelle Festival in Cologne, September 9-12

fz_logoKorhan Erel will be playing several concerts in the Frischzelle Festival in Cologne and Düsseldorf on September 9, 10, 11, and 12. Frischzelle is organized by ZeitKunst (Matthias Muche and Sven Hahne). This year’s festival will focus on a new collaboration between German and Turkish musicians and visual artists from Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam and Istanbul. The headliner is  “Spaces”, where Timeart Ensemble of six improvisers play as a computer software listens to their music, generates live visuals out of their music, and projects in onto the five walls of the concert space. Spaces will be premiered in Frischzelle on September 9. The festival will continue with various duos and trios of German and Turkish artists on September 10 and 11. The 11th will also feature the Projekt House-Home. On September 12, six musicians will play in the Düsseldorf Festival. The line-ups, venues and times are listed below.

All concerts in Cologne are free!
Concert in Düsseldorf cost €12/8 Euros (total price for all three performances).


09.09.14 – 20.30
Kunsthochschule f. Medien Köln, Cologne

- Timeart Ensemble / Spaces: Şevket Akıncı (electric guitar, effects), Oğuz Büyükberber (clarinets), Korhan Erel (computer, controllers), Sven Hahne (computer, video), Tobias Klein (reeds), Nora Krahl (cello), Matthias Muche (trombone)

10.09.14 – 20.30
Kunsthochschule f. Medien Köln, Cologne

- Oğuz Büyükberber (clarinets), Tobias Klein (reeds)
– Şevket Akıncı (electric guitar, effects), Nora Krahl (cello), Candaş Şişman (video)
– Katrin Bethge (overhead projector), Korhan Erel (computer, controllers), Tolga Tüzün (piano, electronics)

11.09.14 – 20.30 Uhr
Kunsthochschule f. Medien Köln, Cologne

- Tobias Klein (reeds), Korhan Erel (computer, controllers), Şevket Akıncı (electric guitar, effects)
– Tolga Tüzün (piano, electronics), Candaş Şişman (video), Oğuz Büyükberber (clarinets)
– Projekt House-Home: Lan Thanh Cao (piano), Floria M. Nica (guitar and voice), Sergej Maingardt (composition, electronics), Jens Standke (Video), Gregor Siedl (saxophone, game calls, sound objects)

12.09.14 – 20.30
Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf

- Oğuz Büyükberber (clarinets), Tobias Klein (reeds)
– Tolga Tüzün (piano, electronics), Korhan Erel (computer, controllers)
– Sven Hahne (computer, video), Matthias Muche (trombone)

Frischzelle Festival

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Two concerts in Berlin: with Utku Tavil and solo

Ma Thilda

Korhan Erel will play two concerts in Berlin in August after his three-week break in Istanbul. The first concert will be with drummer/electronics player Utku Tavil at Altes Finanzamt as a part of the 41st leg of the Multiversal concert series on August 22. The evening will start at 9:30pm and will also feature a performance by Brage Tørmænen.

The second performance will be a solo set at Ma Thilda with two other performances by YNDGANG and The Custodians on August 26. The evening will start at 8:30pm


Tom Jackson (clarinet)
Stephen Crowe (guitar),
Wolfgang Georgsdorf (violin)
Benedict Taylor (viola).


“The Custodians”

Adam Bohman – (objects),
Adrian Northover (sopranino sax),
Sue Lynch (tenor sax/flute)

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Interplay: improvised encounters of dance and music

interplayInterplay is an international meeting of nine dancers and musicians on the wonderful stage of Acker Stadt Palast, one of Berlin’e very special performance venues. Performance starts at 8:30pm. Coming early and chilling out in the lovely, quiet, cool inner courtyard before the performance is highly recommended!

Acker Stadt Palast is on Ackerstraße 169/170 in Berlin.

Cathie Caraker – dance
Nina Martin – dance
Leslie Scates – dance
Andrew Wass – dance
Shelley Hirsch – vocal
Frank Gratkowski – alto sax, clarinets
Simon Rose – saxophones
Matthias Bauer – double bass
Korhan Erel – computer, controllers

Korhan Erel has performed with dancers and especially contact improvisers including Kirstie Simson and Yanael Plumet, and has composed for dance, most recently for Frozen Dream in Istanbul. It will be his first performance with all of the performers except for Frank Gratkowski, with whom he played two concerts in Istanbul in March 2014.

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Meinrad Kneer and Korhan Erel in FESTIVAUXXX, Berlin

Meinrad Kneer Double bass player Meinrad Kneer and Korhan Erel will play a duo set in the FESTIVAUXXX festival in Berlin on July 18. The other duo of the concert is Frank Gratkowski and Tomomi Adachi. The concert will take place at Lichtblick Kino. Doors open at 9pm, concert starts at 10pm. Facebook event

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Presentation and Concert: Antje Vowinckel and Korhan Erel

On Sunday, June 29, 2014, Antje Vowinckel and Korhan Erel will present a common sound art program at Errant Bodies in Berlin:

1- Novel in glass. Turkish sound vitrines based on motifs by Orhan Pamuk. By Antje Vowinckel, Produktion HR/SWR 2014, 54 minutes
2 – The Threshold. Film by Fabian Astore with sound design by Korhan Erel (joint winner of Blake Prize 2012), 7 minutes
3- Improvisation by Korhan Erel, laptop, Antje Vowinckel, organ and objects, 15 minutes

Parallel to his novel The Museum of Innocence Orhan Pamuk had built a museum of the same title in Istanbul, assembling objects that play a role in the novel. In more than 80 vitrines the objects correspond in a new way and convey the zeitgeist of the western orientated upper class in Istanbuls 70s. These vitrines are documented with many fotos in his book The innocence of objects.

“When creating the vitrines I became conscious that the objects I had been collecting for years and described in my novel got a new meaning in the museum. As soon as they were lying in vitrines they talked to each other and sang a new song transcending the novel.
A sound composition based on this “song” is the idea of German sound composer and radio artist Antje Vowinckel. She transfers the idea of chance encounters in vitrines into the acoustic dimension by using glass resonances.

The Threshold is a video by Fabian Astore shot in Istanbul and augmented by Korhan Erel’s sound design. The video jointly won the coveted Blake Prize in Australia in 2012. As Astore describes it: “Sitting at the threshold, the presence of childhood innocence renders complex boundaries to a moment of spiritual elevation. A video recorded serendipitously in Istanbul, Turkey in January 2012.”

The evening will end with a 15-minute improvisation by Antje Vowinckel on electric organ and objects, and Korhan Erel on computer and controllers.


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CANCELLED! KO: Anne KOhl and KOrhan Erel at alpha-nova

This concert,which was planned to happen on June 20, is cancelled.

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K. Erel, S. Ağıryürüyen, A. Eraslan and Ş. Akıncı in Strasbourg (F) and Bern (SUI), June 10-13

Neighbours FestivalFour heavyweights of the Istanbul improvisation scene, Korhan Erel, Sumru Ağıryürüyen (voice), Şevket Akıncı (elec. guitar, effects), and Anıl Eraslan (cello) will play several concerts in Strasbourg, France and Bern, Switzerland between June 10-12.

The first concert involves the four musicians playing an improvised set at the Collectif P.I.L.S.’s event “Les soirées du Collectif P.I.L.S.” on June 10 at Hall Des Chars. The second concert of this evening will be by Fred Frith playing in a quartet with three young musicians.

Erel, Ağıryürüyen, Akıncı and Eraslan will join four other musicians from Istanbul, Çağlayan Yıldız (elec guitar, computer), Uygur Vural (cello), Korhan Argüden (drums) and Umut Çağlar (various instruments) in Bern to take part in the Neighbours Festival organized by WIM Bern under the curation of Jürg Solothurnmann to bring together musicians from Turkey and Switzerland. Solothurnmann has been travelling to Istanbul for many years to meet and play with the musicians in the Istanbul scene and has a good knowledge of the scene’s players and organizers. The program of the festival is as follows:

—–Thursday, June 12—–
20:00 – Sumru Ağıyürüyen, voc; Anıl Eraslan, cello; Hans Burgener, vi; Franziska Hauser, cl

21:00 – Jürg Solothurnmann, saxes; Lukas Roos, bcl; Umut Çağlar, elg; Korhan Argüden dr

—–Friday, June 13—–
19:30 – Franziska Baumann, voc, electr; Caglayan Yildiz, electronics; Uygur Vural, cello, electr;
Julian Sartorius, dr

20:30 – Korhan Erel, laptop; Christian Kobi, saxes; Şevket Akıncı, elg; Katharina Weber, piano

21:30 – Finale Grande (Josep-Maria Balanyà, conducting)
Sumru Ağıyürüyen & Sybil Hofstetter, voc; Paed Conca, cl; Valentina Strucelj, a-cl; Andreas Kunz,
vi ; Anıl Eraslan & Uygur Vural, cello; Judith Wegmann, p; Şevket Akıncı & Umut Çağlar, elg;
Korhan Erel, laptop; Caglayan Yildiz, electronics; Korhan Argüden dr; Lukas Rutzen, perc

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Two concerts in Vienna

Korhan Erel will play two concerts in Vienna on June 3 and June 5. The first concert is with Fermata, a project by vocalist Claudia Cervenca and dancer/performer Katharina Weingruber. In the third installment of the project at echoraum, Pia Palme will also join the duo on contrabass recorder and electronics.

The second concert will be with Christine Schörkhuber a.k.a. Canned Fit (DIY electronics, objects) and Irene Kepl (violin, electronics) at HUT (Sechshauserstraße 28).

Korhan had played with Claudia and Irene at mo.e in Vienna (Stefan Fraunberger also played) in February 2014. His first performance with Canned Fit was in Istanbul in September 2013. 

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Nightingala Berlin – A Conference and Concert celebrating the nightingales of Berlin in music, science and story

Nightingala Berlin
A Conference and Concert celebrating the nightingales of Berlin
in music, science, and story

Kammersal Fasanenstraße
UdK Berlin
June 1, 2014, 6-8pm

The song of the nightingale, that most poetically praised of European songbirds, has long been studied by biologists, mostly in Germany, because the birds thrive in captivity and use and learn their music in very defined, specific ways that can teach us much about vocal learning in general. Artistically, these birds have offered centuries of passionate inspiration because their sound is among the loudest and most complex in the forest, with a force of delivery that cannot be ignored.

Berlin is a center for many kinds of music, but most people don’t associate the city with bird song. And yet this is the best city in Europe to hear the song of the nightingale. Is it no accident that this famed singing bird of Romantic poetry actually sounds like an analog synthesizer? We truly live in the age of the nightingale, when his music makes more sense to us than ever. This fact hasn’t been lost on scientists at the Freie Universität Berlin, who have the most developed program studying nightingale song in the world. Why would scientists study nightingale song? It is long, complex, beautiful, and hard to explain why such a thing has evolved at all. Do the males compete with each other for female attention with their song? Do they establish their territories? Do they jam together like jazz musicians?
Nightingales have also impressed musicians, poets, novelists and nature writers for centuries. And yet their song is so impossible to encompass with any one form of human knowledge! The Nightingala brings science, poetry, philosophy, and music all together. Not one of them alone is enough to make sense of the song of this incredible bird, we need all the help we can get to delve deep into this beautiful music of nature.

Part I
1. The song of the nightingale, Luscinia megarynchos
2. Gaelle Kreens, poem, “Aube Alba Tagelied”
3. David Rothenberg, “The Nightingale as Heard by Different Ears”
4. Holger Schulze, “Leben mit Nachtigallen” [af Deutsch]
5. Korhan Erel and David Rothenberg: “Live with Nightingales”


Part II
1. Thrush nightingale song, Luscinia luscinia
2. Gaelle Kreens, Rosa Luxemburg letter
3. Silke Kipper, “Why Science is Interested in Nightingales”
4. Martin Ullrich, “The Nightingale in the History of Music”
5. Cymin Samawaite and Ralf Schwarz with David Rothenberg, “The Nightingale and the Rose,” new songs inspired by the role of the nightingale in Persian poetry

afterparty; out in the Tiergarten listening to whoever is still singing, and whoever still wants to hear more…

Gaelle Kreens lives in Berlin.
 She is presently performing her collection of texts “South Berlin – North Berlin: a possible reading ” in French and in English, in different places in Germany and France.

David Rothenberg is professor of philosophy and music, New Jersey Institute of Technology, author of Why Birds Sing and Survival of the Beautiful, and an ECM recording artist. He is spending one year on sabbatical in Berlin, in part to make music with nightingales.

Holger Schulze is is principal investigator at the Sound Studies Lab of Leuphana Universität Lüneburg. He serves as curator for the Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin and as founding editor of the book series Sound Studies.

Korhan Erel is a computer musician, improviser, and sound designer based in Berlin. He is a founding member of Islak Köpek, Turkey’s pioneer free improvisation group.

Silke Kipper is assistant professor at the Free University in the Animal Behavior Group of the Department of Biology. She directs their research program on nightingales in the field.

Martin Ullrich, is president of the Music Academy of Nuremberg and a musicologist specializing in birdsong and the history of music. When his term as president is done he will become the first professor of biomusicology in Germany.

In the compositions of Cymin Samawatie impressionism merges with the vibrancy of contemporary structures—a bridge between cultures, genres and styles. She is one of few jazz singers to sing in Farsi. She has made three albums for ECM with her ensemble, Cyminology.

Ralf Schwarz studied double bass at the Academy of Arts in Bremen. He has worked with Cymin Samawatie since 1993. They are both based in Berlin. Together with Benedikt Jahnel they founded Cyminology in 2002.

Special thanks to:

Reinhard Schafertons and the Faculty of Music and Thomas Düllo and Flora Talasi of Studium Generale at UdK for making this event possible.

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