Concerts, exhibitions in Berlin and Hong Kong in March

On March 4, Korhan Erel improvises and does other strange things with Klub Demboh, an improvised performance collective that does things a bit weirder than usual. The performance will be at Petersburg Art Space in Moabit.

Korhan plays with Naabtal Death and Andreas Gogol at their album launch concert #MO#NO#NO at Acker Stadt Palast on March 10. The other guest musician is pianist extraordinaire Rieko Okuda.

From March 17 until the very end of the month, Korhan will be in Hong Kong to show a sound installation and to perform with visual artist Vvzela Kook at 1a space in Hong Kong within the framework of the exhibition “Hacktivate Yourself!” curated by Tuçe Erel. The opening is on the 23rd and Korhan’s performance with Vvzela is on the 29th. Other participating artists are AslieMK, Göksu Kunak and Julia Nitschke. Please click on the links in this paragraph for more info.

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Concert with Ute Wassermann in Istanbul

I will be playing an improvised concert with the amazing Ute Wassermann (voice, whistles, objects) in Istanbul on February 22. The concert is hosted by the series “Ender Sesler (Rare Sounds)” coorganized and cosponsored by BAUArt and Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts, and will take place at Loca at 20:00

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January Concerts in Oslo, Berlin and Bern

The Liz is back at it again. The power trio Korhan co-founded with Liz Allbee and Liz Kosack returned to performing with a new piece after being busy with other projects since their last performance in May 2017. The teaser for this new project was presented at Donau115 in Berlin in December, where The Liz also talked about gender in jazz and experimental music on a panel with composer/pianist Julia Hülsmann. The Liz will premiere the piece at the All Ears Festival in Oslo on January 11 and will perform it again at WIM Festival Bern at the Dampfzentrale on January 25.

For the past few weeks, Korhan Erel has been busy designing sounds, composing music and developing a live performance interface for Léonard Engel’s solo dance piece “Pavane”, which will debut at the Tanztage 2019 at Berlin’s Sophiensaele on January 13 and 14. Please follow this link for more information.

Korhan will play as a member of Berlin’s seriously ridiculous/ridiculously serious improvisation outfit Klub Demboh on January 21 at the SurfF Festival at Petersburg Art Space in Berlin.





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November Concerts in Berlin, Istanbul, Klagenfurt

The-Liz-1-von-1-1024x683 spotbehind

The Liz – Book of Birds

Korhan Erel will be playing three concerts in Berlin, and one concert each in Istanbul and Klagenfurt in November.

On November 2 and 3, cellist Anıl Eraslan and Korhan are organizing a two-nights-in-a-row at Sowieso, where they will bring together their improviser friends from Berlin, Tel Aviv and Istanbul together. The personnel for the two nights will be as follows:
02.11 @ 20:30
Şevket Akıncı (guitar), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Anıl Eraslan (cello), Korhan Erel (electronics), Tom Soloveitzik (sax), Ayşe Cansu Tanrıkulu (voice), Anaïs Tuerlinckx (piano), Uygur Vural (cello)
03.11 @ 20:30
Şevket Akıncı (guitar), Anıl Eraslan (cello), Korhan Erel (electronics), Amélie Legrand (cello), Tom Soloveitzik (sax), Marie Takahashi (viola), Ayşe Cansu Tanrıkulu (voice), Mikail Yakut (accordion)


On November 13, Korhan Erel will be improvising in the project Radio Vostok-2 with Igor Titenko, Sergey Letov, Vladimir Kitlyar, Roland Fidezius, Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio, Sofia Borges, Marcello S. Busato, Shasta Ellenbogen at Kühlspot Social Club (Lehderstr. 74-79).
Signaling a strong come-back by The Liz, Korhan is taking this power trio and their piece “Book of Birds” to Istanbul on November 16. The performance will be at Borusan Music House, one of the leading venues in Turkey for contemporary music. They have been supporting various projects by Korhan since 2011, including concerts with Islak Köpek, David Rothenberg, Cyminology and others.
On the last day of the month, Korhan will play  a solo set at the New Adits Festival in Klagenfurt, thanks to the great pianist and singer Ingrid Schmoliner, who is also the curator of the event.  Some other well-known Berliners will also be performing there.
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October 2018

Korhan Erel is going to perform in three quite diverse events this month.

The first concert is with the Klub Demboh formation at Petersburg Art Space in Moabit. Korhan had already performed with a smaller formation at Neu West Berlin (possibly the last ever concert in that space) in 2017. Klub Demboh series is the brainchild of bassist/composer Joel Grip. On Monday, October 8, the following formation will improvise (alphabetical order):

Axel Dörner, trumpet
Mia Dyberg, saxophone
Korhan Erel, electronics
Joel Grip, bass
Tristan Honsinger, cello
Jan Leipnitz, drums
Andreas Röysum, clarinet

Petersburg Art Space is here

On October 12, Korhan is going to perform his/her/its lecture sound performance “Stone Paper Scissors” at Laura Mello’s album launch event organized by Corvo Records in West Germany on Kottbusser Tor, Berlin. The piece is a text written about the ancient game and focuses on decision making, personification of the three objects, the history of the game and its current day echoes. The sound part are recordings made or found by Korhan Erel. This piece had its debut in May 2018 at the IrrZone performance evening curated and organized by Steffi Weissman and Özgür Erkök Moroder, and was once more performed in the Raki Prinzip talk and performance series at bi’bak in Wedding, Berlin.

West Germany is here. Entrance from the door right next to Effendi Optik.

On October 13, Korhan will play techno as Ayşegül at Pornceptual at Alte Münze. This will be Ayşegül’s fourth appearance in Berlin. Previously she had played at Suicide Circus, IPA Bar, Zur Wilden Renate and DAT Fest 2018.

Alte Münze is here.

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Concerts in August

In August, Korhan Erel will play two solos in Berlin.

The first one will be on August 15 in the Experimentik series curated by Seiji Morimoto at Nord Tik in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district. The other musician on the bill will be Giovanni Verga on electroacoustics.

The second concert will be in the Flux Festival, a tour-de-force of Berlin’s experimental electronic and electroacoustic scene, where 29 musicians will perform solo concerts over the course of the week of August 13 in Spektrum. Korhan will play a structured improvisation on a quadraphonic sound system in the last evening on August 19

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Concerts, Performances, Talks in May

A busy May awaits Korhan Erel, with concerts, performances and a panel discussion in several cities in Germany.

The first event is the premiere of Korhan’s lecture sound performance stone paper scissors to be presented as a part of Irrzone, an event organized and curated by Steffi Weismann and Özgür Erkök Moroder with funding from Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg District Culture Funds and Project Support. The piece is a text written and performed by Korhan on the hand gesture game rock paper scissors, which is also augmented with recordings made by Korhan. Other performers on the bill are Steffi Weismann & Özgür Erkök Moroder, Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat and Katie Lee Dunbar. The event is on May 4 at Aquarium, a venue run by Südblock Berlin. Entrance is by donation.

The second concert of the month is this year’s episode of playing with clarinettist, naturalist-philospher David Rothenberg and Berlin’s nightingales on May 8. The venue will be clear after inital wanderings in Berlin’s parks and open air spaces, looking for the best spot with the most talented nightingale. Please follow Korhan Erel’s Facebook page for the venue. This concert will be a midnight concert, as nightingales are more active at night (hence the name).

Korhan will play in cellist Anıl Eraslan’s Dream Works Ensemble at Sowieso on May 10. The project is based on improvised and structured music performances based on the dreams of the performers.

On May 12, Korhan will play his quadraphonic piece “üçgen dörtgen” at ZKM Karlsruhe as an opener for Robert Lippok and Kaan Bulak.

Korhan’s duo with Hamburg-based prepared bass player Gunnar Lettow is in its 7th year. The duo will play three concerts in May:

May 16 / Kulturpalast Linden
May 18 / frequenzgänge concert series in Hamburg
May 27 / in the Creative Sources Festival at Kühlspot Social Club in Berlin

Immediately after Hamburg, Korhan will speak at Moers Festival on May 19 on the panel on economics of experimental music and its valuation, together with Nadin Deventer (Jazzfest Berlin), Shane Burmania (Muziekgebouw Amsterdam), Dr. Christian Esch (Kultursekretariat NRW). The panel will start at 13:00 and will be moderated by Dr. Franco Zotta (journalis, Cologne) and Thomas Janzen (arts researcher, Krefeld).

List of concerts in May:

May 4 / A solo performance as a part of IrrZone, a project curated by Steffi Weissmann and Özgür Erkök Moroder at Aquarium, Berlin.

May 8 / Berlin Bülbül concert with David Rothenberg (clarinet), Volker Lankow (percussion) and nightingales at a Berlin park to be confirmed. Midnight, open air concert

May 10 / Dream Works Ensemble curated by cellist Anıl Eraslan at Sowieso, Berlin

May 12 / Playing “üçgen dörtgen” to open for the performance by Robert Lippok and Kaan Bulak at ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe

May 16 / Lettow / Erel Duo at Kulturpalast Linden, Linden, Germany

May 18 / Lettow / Erel Duo at Linker Laden, Hamburg, Germany

May 19 / Panelist with Nadin Deventer (Jazzfest Berlin), Shane Burmania (Muziekgebouw Amsterdam), Dr. Christian Esch (Kultursekretariat NRW) on economics and valuation of experimental music in the Moers Festival

May 27 / Lettow / Erel plays at the Creative Sources Festival at Kühlspot Social Club in Berlin

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Divan der Kontinente Orchestra at Heimathafen

Korhan Erel will be playing in the Divan der Kontinente orchestra on April 15 and 16 at Heimathafen. Divan is a multicultural and multinational contemporary music orchestra with musicians who come from classical, folk, jazz and experimental backgrounds. It plays pieces and improvisations, and the line between the two are usually blurred. The orchestra is led by composer/singer Cymin Samawatie and composer/drummer Ketan Bhatti.

The orchestra will perform with the following musicians on April 15 and 16:

Cymin Samawatie – voice
Liz Allbee – trumpet
Martin Stegner – viola
Korhan Erel – electronics
Susanne Fröhlich – bass recorder
Anıl Eraslan – cello
Mohamad Fityan – kawal and nay
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Mahan Mirarab – oud and guitar
Niko Meinhold – piano
Naoko Kikuchi – koto
Taiko Saito – vibraphone and marimbaphone
Milian Vogel – bass clarinet and electronics
Bassem Alkhouri – kanun
Ralf Schwarz – double bass
Ketan Bhatti – drums

Here are some useful links:


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Two new albums, concerts in Munich

SET2_webIn July 2016, Korhan was invited by reeds player Udo Schindler to play in his Arch Musica series in Munich. The first concert was with the trio with trombonist Sebi Tramontana, while the second one was a duo with Udo in the Salon für Klang&Kunst series. Both concerts were recorded and have been recently released as two albums. The trio concert with Schindler/Erel/Tramontana was released on FMR Records under the name Sound Energy Transformation – 10 bagatelles for electronic & winds”, and the duo was released under the name leben|nebel on Creative Sources.

These two albums will be officially launched with concerts in Munich. The S.E.T. Trio will play at Koesk München on February 8. The duo concert will take place at the Salon for Klang&Kunst on February 9 (please contact me for the address).


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Two Duos: Lotz/Erel and Babikyan/Erel


Korhan Erel (sleeping) and Mark Alban Lotz (staying cool) on a subway train in Istanbul

On February 1st, Korhan’s long-time duo with flutist Mark Alban Lotz will resurface at Berlin’s WATT Bar in Prenzlauerberg. The two musicians have met in 2010 and have played in duo as well as playing and recording with Korhan’s Istanbul ensemble Islak Köpek since then in Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany.  The album “Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th” was recorded in Istanbul in 2010 and was released on Evil Rabbit Records in 2011, with an album launch concert at Borusan Music House in Istanbul.

Another duo, this time with dancer Lerna Babikyan, will resume its activities in the soundance sessions curated by Jenny Haack at Dock 11 as a prequel to soundance festival in June 2018. Lerna and Korhan will present their structured improvisation “in-spheres” on Februrary 4 at Dock 11. The whole event will start on Feb 1 and go until Sunday, February 4 with a rich, diverse program of dance and music encounters. Lerna and Korhan will also perform at the actual festival in Summer 2018.

Lerna and Korhan have met in their native Istanbul in 2009 and collaborated on several projects over the course of the years. They were re-united when Lerna relocated to Berlin.


Lerna Babikyan and Korhan Erel (photo by Peter Tümmers)

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