No Concerts in April

For obvious reasons, Korhan Erel has no concerts in April. They are contemplating life and other things at home. They also take walks without interacting with anyone. They do their best not to remain in their pyjamas after getting out of bed.

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Concerts in Berlin and Essen in March

Korhan will play three concerts in Berlin and one in Essen in March.

They will play their first concert in the from of a solo electronics improvisation on experimental films with the theme of ‘daughters’ by female filmmakers on March 11th at Kotti-Shop in Berlin in the amazing series Sentimental Punk curated and organized by Dafne Narvaez Berflein. The all-female* line-up also includes Vrouw (Agnė Auželytė – keyboards, voice, Tristen Bakker – bass, noise box, voice, Kata Kovács – contact mic, found objects, voice, Angela Muñoz – percussion, voice, Lisa Simpson – talking hats and oscillations, voice).

Their second concert on March 14th will be with their new trio Ephemeral Fragments with Florian Walter (tubax, contrabass clarinet) and Emily Wittbrodt (cello) at Workshop for Self Defence in Essen. The concert will be at the 1st Mixed Musical Arts Festival. The other bands sharing the bill are Hilde (Julia Brüssel – violin, Marie Daniels – voice, Maria Trautmann – trombone, Emily Wittbrodt – cello) and the Duduk quartet Arevot Blri Duduk Hamuyt. The concerts start at 15:30!!!


Korhan’s third concert will be with their beloved absurd performative impro collective Klub Demboh at Petersburg Art Space in Moabit, Berlin. Don’t miss this seriously fun event.

The last concert will be a multidisciplinary one on the tragedy of love at L’ecritoire in Berlin on March 29th. Das Elend der Liebe, organized and curated by Dorothea Mader, will be an open reading platform that is accompanied by improvised music with Dorothea Mader (electronic flute), Anja Oehming (voice) and Korhan Erel (electronics).

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Concerts in Berlin and Bielefeld in February

February is usually a quiet month for me, but not this time. I have three concerts in Berlin and one in Bielefeld.

On February 12th, I will be improvising with saxophonist Max Stehle and pianist Roman Stolyar at Artist Homes in Berlin.

On February 15th, I will be a part of another Sun Ra concert after those I played with my fellow Klub Dembohnians in January. This time, I will be joining Tyson Nelson piano, keyboards), Tassos Savvopoulos (guitar), Fyodor Stepanov (double bass), Samuel Hall (drums) at Sowieso, Berlin.

On February 17th, I will be playing our usual absurd, performative impro extravaganza with Klub Demboh at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin

Finally, on February 28th, I will be playing a solo electronic set as well ad a duo with Joel Köhn at the “elektronische Nacht” at Bunker Ulmenwall, Bielefeld

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Activities in January and February

2020 seems to be a much calmer year with less travelling and not that many concerts, but that does not mean it will be less exciting. The best news was that our project ‘Scarecrow’ with my wife Tuçe Erel was funded by the Intercultural Fund of the Berlin Senate. We will present it in Berlin in September 2020. More news on this soon.

I started the year with a lovely concert of our duo Serene with pianist, composer and singer Laia Genc at the amazing Stadtgarten in Cologne. I followed that with a one-week rehearsal period with another pianist, Ingrid Schmoliner, in Vienna. We are working on a new project that will involve strange beats, sounds and Ingrid’s mind-boggling prepared piano playing. That week in Vienna ended with a beautiful, fun improvised concert with Ingrid, Maja Osojnik (voice, electronics) and Martin Brandlmayr at Echoraum. Right after the adventures in Cologne and Vienna, I played two nights of Sun Ra’s music with Simon Sieger and Klub Demboh at Au Topsi Pohl in Berlin.

I will start a four-day workshop on “how to sing a city” with youngsters in Cologne’s Porz area on January 20th. We will wander around the neighborhood, find locations with interesting memories and sounds, record them, try to convert some of these recordings into graphical notation and then sing them. This is similar to the contribution I made to Maxime Hourani’s work “Book of Songs and Places” at the Istanbul Biennial in 2013.

On January 26th, I will be performing with a small selection of musicians from Trickster Orchestra and members of Chor zur Welt in Wilhelmsburg. This will be a warm-up towards our bigger concert at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg in May.

Last concert in January will be with the ridiculously absurd Klub Demboh at Petersburg Art Space on January 27th.

On February 12th, I will be improvising with Max Stehle (sax) and Roman Stolyar (piano) at Artist Homes in Berlin. February 17th will be spent with Klub Demboh at Petersburg Art Space.

On February 17th, I’ll be playing some absurd impro with Berlin’s most exciting impro outfit Klub Demboh.

On February 28th, I will be playing solo electronic music as well as an improvised beat-based duo with Joel Köhn at Bunker Ulmenwall in Bielefeld.

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Five-night Residency at Au Topsi Pohl

Korhan Erel will have a five-night residency at Berlin’s wonderful experimental music/jazz venue Au Topsi Pohl on November 19-23. Korhan will play with some of the best and most innovative musicians and performers from Berlin, Ramallah and Munich in duos, trios and larger groups. The program of these five nights are:

Tuesday, November 19
Anıl Eraslan, Cello
Korhan Erel, Electronics
Joel Grip, Double Bass
Marie Takahashi, Viola
Isak Hedtjärn, Clarinet

Wednesday, November 20
The Liz :
Liz Allbee, Trumpet; Liz Kosack, Synth; Korhan Erel, Electronics
Marie Takahashi, Viola
Cansu Tanrıkulu, Voice
Eliad Wagner, Modular Synth

Thursday, November 21
Axel Dörner, Trumpet
Korhan Erel, Electronics
Dirar Kalash, Piano
Meinrad Kneer, Double Bass
Julia Wahren, Text, Voice

Friday, November 22
Michel Doneda, Soprano Saxophone
Korhan Erel, Electronics
Meinrad Kneer, Double Bass
Uygur Vural, Cello

Saturday, November 23
Mia Dyberg, Saxophone
Korhan Erel, Electronics
Rudi Fischerlehner, Drums
Anaïs Tuerlinckx, Piano
Ute Wassermann, Voice

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November in Brussels, Cologne and Berlin

Korhan Erel will be playing a solo concert in the S M O G series in Brussels on November 8. They will present re-interpretations of their older pieces from Con-Structures and Spam Me Senseless albums as well as some new material. The evening will also feature a concert by SCARÀBJ. Please follow this link on the SMOG Website for more details.

Laia Genc and Korhan Erel

On November 17th, Korhan will unite in Cologne with pianist, composer and singer Laia Genc to resume their duo Serene. Serene plays an intimate repertoire of jazz standards, Laia’s compositions and improvisations. The duo will play at the Festival in den Häuser der Stadt. The festival program is available as a pdf file here. The duo will play in Cologne again at Winterjazz at Stadtgarten on January 4th, 2020.

Korhan Erel will have their residency at Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin’s new venue for exciting music on November 19-23. The evenings will feature electronic and electro-acoustic performances of sound, visuals and text. The current list of confirmed performers in alphabetical order are below. The full program will be announced as soon as it is finalized.

The Liz (Liz Allbee, Liz Kosack, Korhan Liz Erel), Antonio Borghini (double bass), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Mia Dyberg (alto sax), Anıl Eraslan (cello), Rudi Fischerlehner (drums), Joel Grip (double bass), Dirar Kalash (piano), Meinrad Kneer (double bass), Elisabetta Lanfredini (voice), Kris Limbach (sounds and visuals), Marie Takahashi (viola), Cansu Tanrıkulu (voice), Eliad Wagner (modular synth), Julia Wahren (text, voice), Ute Wassermann (voice, whistles, objects)

The last concert of the month takes Korhan to Acud Macht Neu, where they will play a solo concert in the Odd Wednesday, a new concert series curated by Mélodie Melak, who was recently appointed as the music curator of the venue. Eric Wong and Clayton Thomas will also be playing solo sets in the evening.

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Klub Demboh goes North in October

The Berlin-based group Klub Demboh has since spring 2017, on a weekly basis, developed an open and multiform music in which the unexpected often has drastic consequences. Improvisation on the verge of total collapse. Klub Demboh is a revitaliser of the Berlin experimental music scene in its openness, tense precision and dynamic crater of timbres and organised sounds, text and movements.

Now, the Dembohnians are going on a three-concert tour in Norway and Sweden on October 18th – 20th. The dates and venues are:

18th: Kafé Haerverk, Oslo, Norway
19th: Arts Museum, Norrköping, Sweden
20th: The Assembly Home, Gagnef, Sweden

The lineup is:

Pierre Borel – alto saxophone
Antonio Borghini – double bass
Mia Dyberg – alto saxophone
Anil Eraslan – camera and sound
Korhan Erel – electronics
Joel Grip – double bass
Tristan Honsinger – cello
Carina Khorkhordina – trumpet
Frauke Nowak – performance
Marie Takahashi – viola

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How to get rid of a body. A magic manual

Korhan Erel teams up with Léonard Engel and Maja Zimmermann to produce Engel’s second solo work ‘How to get rid of a body. A magic manual’. After a six-week rehearsal period, which started with a residency at PACT Zollverein in Essen in April, the piece will be premiered at Hoch X in Munich on September 20, 21, and 22, 2019.

A magic show? A hunting party? A punk concert? In his new solo How to get rid of a body. A magic manual, choreographer and performer Léonard Engel blurs the lines between practices and genres and plays with our fascination for illusion by going beyond the visual deception, allowing the body and its limitations to become the main subject of observation. Through the permanent attempt to disappear in its own environment, a new body emerges, morphing between different personalities while experiencing the paradox of its un-dissipating presence.

Choreography & Performance: Léonard Engel
Composition & Live Electronics: Korhan Erel
Dramaturgy: Maja Zimmermann
Outside Eye: Tamara Saphir
Costume & Set Design: Theresa Scheitzenhammer
Light Design: Charlotte Marr
Technical Consultant & Lights: Wolfgang Eibert
Production Management: Miria Wurm, Veronika Heinrich
Press Work: Miria Wurm/ Tanzbüro München
Public Relations: Veronika Heinrich/ Tanzbüro München

This project is a production by Léonard Engel in co-production with PACT Zollverein and HochX Theater und Live Art, supported by the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ Coproduction Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media of Germany, made possible with the support of the Bayerischer Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz (BLZT) financed by funds from the Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst. and funded by the Kulturstiftung Stadtsparkasse München. With the friendly support of Tanzfabrik Berlin and Tanzbüro München.

Léonard Engel is an artist of the Tanzbüro München.
Special thanks to Isa Köhler, Christina Binder, Ricardo Pereira & Diana Port.

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A month of rather diverse musical activities

In June, I will be performing in some amazing festivals and venues with very different projects.

First off a concert with Trickster Orchestra at Tonhalle Düsseldorf at the Schönes Wochenende Festival, where I will compose and perform a sound piece on the Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad with Cymin Samawatie and a small ensemble of musicians of the orchestra.

Second performance is a rather special one: Nervous Entanglement, our multidisciplinary performance with Malte Jehmlich. Malte and I met through performing together at Moers Festival in 2018 and decided to continue our collaboration. With the current craze about robotics, artificial intelligence, we start out with the question “are robots helping us or are we helping them?” We will pretend to answer this question using an overly complicated cybernetic system of overhead projectors, transparency foil loopers, servo animatronics and a robotic arm, which interact by analog and digital signals with a sound setup consisting of a modular synthesizer and other sound devices. This take on the trendy topics of robotics, AI and transhumanism uses current and outdated media technologies with references to puppetry, toys, shadowplay.

Our setup creates a human-machine symbiosis, where errors and malfunctions are purely consensual. It can also be viewed as an installation.

We will premiere Nervous Entanglement at Moers Festival at the Altes Landsratamt at midnight on June 9.

On June 20 and 22, I will be performing at the Resonanzraum Festival in Hamburg. On the 20th, I will present a text and sound performance at as a part of the Waldgespräche event. On the 22nd, my sexy alter ego Ayşegül will play an experimental danceable electronic set at the Festival’s closing party

In between my Hamburg days, I will have the pleasure to improvise with Kriton Beyer (daxophone), Philippe Lemoine (tenor saxophone) and Maurizio Ravalico (percussion) at Petersburg Art Space on June 21.

I have no concerts in July and August.

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Activities in May

A busy month awaits Korhan Erel in May. They will be playing three concerts and two performances in Berlin, doing a residency in Essen and rehearsing for a new project in Krefeld.

The first concert will be with the usual Klub Demboh gang on May 6 at Petersburg Art Space.

On May 9, Korhan will play with David Rothenberg (clarinet) and Cymin Samawatie (voice) at the book launch event at Sammlung Hoffmann in Berlin. The concert is free but a registration at or 030 28 49 91 20 is required.

Following a preliminary showing of their new set ‘Dipper’ at Berlin’s Donau115 in December 2018, The Liz will present the final version of it at the XJazz Festival on May 10 at Emmauskirche. The Liz premiered ‘Dipper’ at All Ears Festival in Oslo in January 2019 and performed it also at WIM Festival in Bern in the same month.

From May 13 until 19, Korhan will be working with Julian Weber, Oliver Connew, Olivia McGregor and Stephan B. Quinci on a new dance piece at PACT Zollverein in Essen.

From May 20 until 26, Korhan will rehearse with visual artist Malte Jehmlich in Krefeld for their premiere of the project ‘Nervous Entanglement’ at Moers Festival on June 9. The piece is a blend of drawing, robotics, artificial idiocy, electronic music, modular synthesizers, text and improvised drawing and music.

On May 29 & 30, Korhan will have their first show as a revue/cabaret girl in the Neo-Cabaret piece ‘The Show of Small Things’ with Maria Ferrara (performance, concept, songs), Beatriz Madach (video) at Acker Stadt Palast as a part of the Performing Arts Festival.
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