“Soundtracking” video by Lange//Berweck//Lorenz

My piece “Soundtracking” is a composition that serves as an imaginary soundtrack for a horror/sci-fi film that could have been made in the 1980s. The piece was commissioned by the synthesizer trio Lange//Berweck//Lorenz in 2021 for their concert series “Very Refreshing Catalyst”, where they aim to revive the tradition of live synthesizer in new music.

Lange//Berweck//Lorenz premiered the piece at the Musik 21 Festival in Hannover on September 10, 2021 and performed it in Berlin on November 22nd, 2021 at Theater im Delphi, In her review of the Musik 21 Festival in the December 2021 issue of Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, music journalist Juana Zimmermann described Soundtracking as the “highlight of the festival.”

Lange//Berweck//Lorenz have also released a performance video of the piece that they shot in September 2021, which you can watch below.

Lange//Berweck//Lorenz performing “Soundtracking” by Korhan Erel

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Debut album “mit gefühl” by Ephemeral Fragments

The trio Ephemeral Fragments was born in 2019 before the pandemic, after Florian Walter (tubax), Emily Wittbrodt (cello) and Korhan Erel (electronics) played their first concert together in Essen in April 2019. Soon after this concert, they took the name Ephemeral Fragments and met in Essen in July 2019 for a one-day recording session. The musicians hail from three different cities: Florian from Essen, Emily from Cologne and Korhan from Berlin. This did not stop them from meeting as much as they could during the pandemic. They rehearsed, played a few concerts and recorded their debut album “mit gefühl” all during 2020-2021. The album is a vinyl and digital release on Umland Records.

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Böseblick Concert Videos

Böseblick is a new Berlin-based ensemble for electronic music that started playing together in 2021. In March, they played their first official concert on March 10, 2022 under the Böseblick name at Berlin’s KM28 with the kind support from Initiative Neue Musik Berlin. This YouTube playlist consists of three excerpts from that concert.

More info on the ensemble here or under the YouTube videos. If you’d like to just listen to the music without video, then please follow this link to the Böseblick Ensemble Bandcamp page.

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Solo Concert Video

I was invited by Temporary Autonomous Tele Vision (T.A.T.V) in March to play a solo in their three-day live-streamed festival. This is the video recording of this concert. I played a Hydrasynth / Sensel Morph Buchla combo, the Samplr on an iPad and a self-made instrument on an Organelle / QuNeo combo.

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The Liz performs “No Comet” at Kontraklang

The Liz will perform their new production No Comet on April 2, 2022 at Kontraklang concert series at Villa Elisabeth in Berlin.

The Liz have premiered “No Comet” in October 2021 at Sowieso Berlin with the support of Musikfonds, transforming themselves into sentient dinosaurs and the venue into a dinosaur music cafe. The accompanying film was shown on two window-fronts throughout the weekend. At Kontraklang, The Liz will play a soundtrack to the “No Comet” film.

In their latest production No Comet, The Liz creates a piece of non-humanist speculative fiction, positing a world where the dinosaurs did not become extinct and are, in fact, highly sentient beings. As a species, humans tend to take for granted our place in the world, forgetting that evolution — and life itself — is predicated upon chance and contingency. In No Comet, The Liz considers these chance events and imagines other possible pasts, presents and futures, in order to hopefully acquire a larger lens through which to view ideas of sapience and societies.

The Liz:
Liz Allbee
Liz Korhan Erel
Liz Kosack

Stage Design: Nathalie Snel
Costume Design: Lisa Simpson
Film: Tuçe Erel

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“For Peace. Against War. Who is not?”

For Peace. Against War. Who is not?*
A Compilation for the people of Ukraine

This compilation of almost 200 tracks was made possible by invitation and open call by Component Records and Kai Niggemann. Please consider buying a copy to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. One of my recent pieces Kin(d) is also included, alongside names like Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk), Robin Rimbaud/Scanner, Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto) and many more.

Please click on the image above or follow this link to support the cause:

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be split evenly between the charities Vostok SOS and the Ukrainian Red Cross.”

vostok-sos.org/en/about/mission/ -Vostok SOS
redcross.org.ua -Ukrainian Red Cross

* “For Peace. Against War. Who is not?” is a quote by Susan Sontag, an American writer, filmmaker, philosopher, teacher, and political activist

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Concerts in March


I had asked Kirsten Reese, Alessandra Eramo and Ariel Orah to play with me on August 28, 2021, when Sowieso kindly asked me to organize a night there. We (and the audience) liked the concert so much that we decided to continue as a quartet and named ourselves “Böseblick”, a grammatically wrong name that means “The Evil Eye”. Since then, we’ve been rehearsing as much as we could/Corona allowed. Initiative Neue Musik Berlin kindly provided us with some funding, which allowed us to prepare an evening of sonic storytelling at KM28, Berlin on March 3.

Böseblick are:
Alessandra Eramo, voice, tapes, electronics
Korhan Erel, Hydrasynth, samples
Ariel Orah, electronics
Kirsten Reese, computer

On March 11, I’m going to play a solo set at Temporary Autonomous Tele Vision streamed concert series curated by Kris Limbach. The setting for this performance will be Ausland, but the concert is stream only and can be viewed here: https://www.twitch.tv/ttaattvv​

The complete lineup of the evening is:

AL de La Algaida (+ Francesca Carbone) / Cedrik Fermont / Del_F64.0 (Antigenialistic Rrrriot) / Jealousy Party / Jorge Vicario / Korhan Erel / Phill Niblock / Pia Achternkamp / String Trio (Munsha, Hopek Quirin, Jochen Arbeit) / Udo Noll

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Dark Eye

After playing no concerts in December and January, I will return to performing well-rested. The first performance is a take on a Turkish-Greek shadowplay tradition called Karagöz (Dark Eye). Along with Kriton Beyer (harmonium, daxophone, effects, objects) and Nicolas Wiese (visual concept, analog and digital visual performance), we will perform a 21st century shadowplay inspired deeply from but not imitating the Karagöz tradition. Below is the press text for Dark Eye:


Shadow plays or shadow theatre have existed for centuries as a folk art form all over the world in which stories, legends, fairy tales and parables are told. This takes place in an audiovisual intermediate world, the screen. Many forms of shadow theatre traditionally have the functions of both entertainment as well as education and criticism – in a space between fiction and reality.

In a very special manifestation, the figure of the Karagöz / Karagiozis has established itself in the geographic area of Turkey and Greece. This figure – in the truest sense of the word cross-cultural – still deals with current issues of social coexistence. Although Karagöz certainly continues to exist in the 21st century and is especially popular as children’s theater, the figure is still quite rare in an abstract artistic adaptation, as is the case in this project.

In Dark Eye the three artists transport the figure of Karagöz into the present and develop their own dramaturgy, which they implement with their own characteristic means of expression.
Each of the three artists also contributes a different perspective to the theme through their individual life story. In the course of the performance, this difference results, as it were, in a web of dialogue that can be traced back to the own childhoods of Korhan Erel and Kriton Beyer, who both grew up with the provocative and socio-critical parables of Karagöz, being interwoven with the visual interpretations and associations of Nicolas Wiese.

Korhan Erel is an electronic musician, improviser and sound designer of Turkish origin, Kriton Beyer is a musician, composer with Greek roots and Nicolas Wieseis an audiovisual artist and electronic musician/composer born in Northern Germany.

The Dark Eye Trio:
Kriton Beyer – harmonium, daxophone, sampling
Korhan Erel – electronics, percussion, voice
Nicolas Wiese – visual art / live projections

5 February 2022 at Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin
Start time: 20:00
2G+ rules apply.

Kindly supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin

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Berlin premiere of “Soundtracking”

My piece “Soundtracking” is a composition that serves as an imaginary soundtrack for a horror/sci-fi film that could have been made in the 1980s. The piece was commissioned by the synthesizer trio Lange//Berweck//Lorenz in 2021. The trio will premiere the piece in Berlin on November 22nd at Theater im Delphi, following the Hannover premiere on September 10. Please find more information on the series “Very Refreshing Catalyst” as well as the concert program below.

Lange//Berweck//Lorenz @Simon Detel Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Lange//Berweck//Lorenz have brought the tradition of live synthesizer in new music back from the dead, coaxing new power from old musical traditions. Now comes another update of musical legacies with “Very Refreshing Catalyst.” More electronics, more video, more delicacy and more space travel for analog and digital (sound) techniques! The program includes two world premieres, such as Malte Giesen’s video score, a soundtrack of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and Korhan Erel’s “Soundtracking”, which makes electric discharges and pneumatic hissing audible. Furthermore, Martin Lorenz will leave the synthesizers completely out in “Rauscharbeit” this evening, and in Daniela Fantechi’s “Within a Dream” organic sounds are very carefully piled up and sometimes interrupted by the chirping of crickets. Or was it a UFO after all? 

Daniela Fantechi: »Within a dream« (2021)
Korhan Erel: »Soundtracking« (2021/ UA)
Martin Lorenz: »Rauscharbeit« (2019)
Malte Giesen: »Introduction – Tranquility Base« (2021/UA)

Sebastian Berweck (Synthesizer)
Silke Lange (Synthesizer)
Martin Lorenz (Synthesizer)

A Production by Lange//Berweck//Lorenz
funded by: initiative neue musik berlin and Musikfonds

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Concerts in İzmir, Berlin and (Bucharest) in November

Korhan Erel goes international this month with concerts in İzmir, Berlin and Bucharest (postponed to 2022).

The first concert is a solo electronic improvisation at the digitİZMir 7 Festival curated by composer/musician Mehmet Can Özer/Yaşar Üniversity in Izmir, Turkey. Korhan will play on November 3 at 19:30 (Turkish time). The second concert of the evening will be by Mehmet Can Özer. Korhan will also present a workshop titled “Improvisation in Electronic Music” with a focus on limitation, listening, being “present on stage” and instrument design ideas.

Korhan’s next concert will be at the Berlin Jazz Festival with Mariá Portugal’s ensemble, where Portugal will present re-worked, re-interpreted, re-imagined and de-constructed versions of songs from her upcoming album EROSÃO.

Mariá Portugal

“Some of Germany’s strongest improvisers, including saxophonist Angelika Niescier, tubist Carl Ludwig Hübsch, and electronic artist Korhan Erel, will join her in forging heavily improvised versions of songs from “Erosão”, stitched together in spontaneous order through additional layers of improvisation.”

Mariá Portugal drums, percussion, voice
Angelika Niescier saxophone
Filipe Nader saxophone
Heidi Bayer trumpet
Moritz Wesp trombone
Carl Ludwig Hübsch tuba
Reza Askari bass
Korhan Erel electronics, sound processing

Korhan’s third and fourth concerts will be in the project “Unified Voices of Banat” led by Claudia van Hasselt, Sabina Ulubeanu and Amen Feizabadi. The project is a site-specific transtraditional-contemporary music theatre that focuses on the fascinating, uniquely diverse region of Banat in Romania, where many European cultures, which were brought together here by migration in the first centuries of the last millennium, co-exist in what some describe as a kind of “Little Europe.”

The project is presented by TAN-IN طن این in cooperation with Art&Co Association Bucharest

COVID UPDATE! The ensemble will not play live in Bucharest. This concert is postponed until February 2022. Instead, a dress rehearsal performance in Berlin will be streamed live on November 12th at the Meridian Festival in Bucharest.

The Berlin performance will be on November 27th and 28th at Spreehalle Berlin.

Claudia van Hasselt // Voice, artistic direction
Biliana Voutchkova // violin
Mihai Pintenaru // clarinette, traditional instruments
Korhan Erel // Live electronics
Paula Turcas // traditional singing
Sabina Ulubeanu // composer, artistic direction
Amen Feizabadi // composer, artistic direction

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