Das Goldene Voxtrottquartet: Claudia Cervenca, Irene Kepl, Stefan Fraunberger, Korhan Erel

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Stefan Fraunberger, Korhan Erel, Claudia Cervenca

Korhan Erel will play a freely improvised set with Vienna-based musicians Claudia Cervenca (voice, electronics), Irene Kepl (violin, electronics) and Stefan Fraunberger (dulcimer, objects) at mo.ë in Vienna on February 7, 2014. The concert will also feature culture-bending and gender-bending costumes.

Claudia Cervenca is not interested in “singing”, but tries to find new forms of vocal expression in free improvisation and experimental music to achieve a means of “painting” with vocal elements: patterns of sound, colors and noises evolving towards spoken word, instant poetry or song improvisations, melting all together into a „language of expression“ she calls Extended Voice Performance.

Irene Kepl

Irene Kepl

Irene Kepl is a award-winning violinist and composer active in new music, free improvisation, composition and jazz, as well as collaborations in film, theater and dance. She is the founder of the Violet Spin string quartet, which plays groove and new music.

Stefan Fraunberger describes himself as a Vienna-based exponent of humanity working with the drama of states, with the intended task is of encountering fields of perception in a sense of differentiating noise, relations, rhythm and space, complemented by studies in experimental electronic music, philosophy, arabic language and islamic sciences in theory and practice.

The concert will start at 20.30. Mo.ë is at Thelemangasse 4/1-3 1170, Vienna.

About Korhan Erel

Korhan Erel is an electronic musician, improviser and sound designer based in Berlin. Their music covers free improvisation, conceptual sound performances as well as structured and composed pieces as well as music for dance, theater and video art. They perform solo, duo and group performances with improvisers, jazz musicians, dancers, and in orchestras. They have shown several sound installations in art spaces in Turkey, Germany and Hong Kong. They have ten CD and several digital releases. They play concerts across Europe, Middle- East, Southeast Asia and North America
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