Concerts, Performances, Talks in May

A busy May awaits Korhan Erel, with concerts, performances and a panel discussion in several cities in Germany.

The first event is the premiere of Korhan’s lecture sound performance stone paper scissors to be presented as a part of Irrzone, an event organized and curated by Steffi Weismann and Özgür Erkök Moroder with funding from Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg District Culture Funds and Project Support. The piece is a text written and performed by Korhan on the hand gesture game rock paper scissors, which is also augmented with recordings made by Korhan. Other performers on the bill are Steffi Weismann & Özgür Erkök Moroder, Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat and Katie Lee Dunbar. The event is on May 4 at Aquarium, a venue run by Südblock Berlin. Entrance is by donation.

The second concert of the month is this year’s episode of playing with clarinettist, naturalist-philospher David Rothenberg and Berlin’s nightingales on May 8. The venue will be clear after inital wanderings in Berlin’s parks and open air spaces, looking for the best spot with the most talented nightingale. Please follow Korhan Erel’s Facebook page for the venue. This concert will be a midnight concert, as nightingales are more active at night (hence the name).

Korhan will play in cellist Anıl Eraslan’s Dream Works Ensemble at Sowieso on May 10. The project is based on improvised and structured music performances based on the dreams of the performers.

On May 12, Korhan will play his quadraphonic piece “üçgen dörtgen” at ZKM Karlsruhe as an opener for Robert Lippok and Kaan Bulak.

Korhan’s duo with Hamburg-based prepared bass player Gunnar Lettow is in its 7th year. The duo will play three concerts in May:

May 16 / Kulturpalast Linden
May 18 / frequenzgänge concert series in Hamburg
May 27 / in the Creative Sources Festival at Kühlspot Social Club in Berlin

Immediately after Hamburg, Korhan will speak at Moers Festival on May 19 on the panel on economics of experimental music and its valuation, together with Nadin Deventer (Jazzfest Berlin), Shane Burmania (Muziekgebouw Amsterdam), Dr. Christian Esch (Kultursekretariat NRW). The panel will start at 13:00 and will be moderated by Dr. Franco Zotta (journalis, Cologne) and Thomas Janzen (arts researcher, Krefeld).

List of concerts in May:

May 4 / A solo performance as a part of IrrZone, a project curated by Steffi Weissmann and Özgür Erkök Moroder at Aquarium, Berlin.

May 8 / Berlin Bülbül concert with David Rothenberg (clarinet), Volker Lankow (percussion) and nightingales at a Berlin park to be confirmed. Midnight, open air concert

May 10 / Dream Works Ensemble curated by cellist Anıl Eraslan at Sowieso, Berlin

May 12 / Playing “üçgen dörtgen” to open for the performance by Robert Lippok and Kaan Bulak at ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe

May 16 / Lettow / Erel Duo at Kulturpalast Linden, Linden, Germany

May 18 / Lettow / Erel Duo at Linker Laden, Hamburg, Germany

May 19 / Panelist with Nadin Deventer (Jazzfest Berlin), Shane Burmania (Muziekgebouw Amsterdam), Dr. Christian Esch (Kultursekretariat NRW) on economics and valuation of experimental music in the Moers Festival

May 27 / Lettow / Erel plays at the Creative Sources Festival at Kühlspot Social Club in Berlin

About Korhan Erel

Korhan Erel is an electronic musician, improviser and sound designer based in Berlin. Their music covers free improvisation, conceptual sound performances as well as structured and composed pieces as well as music for dance, theater and video art. They perform solo, duo and group performances with improvisers, jazz musicians, dancers, and in orchestras. They have shown several sound installations in art spaces in Turkey, Germany and Hong Kong. They have ten CD and several digital releases. They play concerts across Europe, Middle- East, Southeast Asia and North America
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