Concerts in Berlin and Essen in March

Korhan will play three concerts in Berlin and one in Essen in March.

They will play their first concert in the from of a solo electronics improvisation on experimental films with the theme of ‘daughters’ by female filmmakers on March 11th at Kotti-Shop in Berlin in the amazing series Sentimental Punk curated and organized by Dafne Narvaez Berflein. The all-female* line-up also includes Vrouw (Agnė Auželytė – keyboards, voice, Tristen Bakker – bass, noise box, voice, Kata Kovács – contact mic, found objects, voice, Angela Muñoz – percussion, voice, Lisa Simpson – talking hats and oscillations, voice).

Their second concert on March 14th will be with their new trio Ephemeral Fragments with Florian Walter (tubax, contrabass clarinet) and Emily Wittbrodt (cello) at Workshop for Self Defence in Essen. The concert will be at the 1st Mixed Musical Arts Festival. The other bands sharing the bill are Hilde (Julia Brüssel – violin, Marie Daniels – voice, Maria Trautmann – trombone, Emily Wittbrodt – cello) and the Duduk quartet Arevot Blri Duduk Hamuyt. The concerts start at 15:30!!!


Korhan’s third concert will be with their beloved absurd performative impro collective Klub Demboh at Petersburg Art Space in Moabit, Berlin. Don’t miss this seriously fun event.

The last concert will be a multidisciplinary one on the tragedy of love at L’ecritoire in Berlin on March 29th. Das Elend der Liebe, organized and curated by Dorothea Mader, will be an open reading platform that is accompanied by improvised music with Dorothea Mader (electronic flute), Anja Oehming (voice) and Korhan Erel (electronics).

About Korhan Erel

Korhan Erel is an electronic musician, improviser and sound designer based in Berlin. Their music covers free improvisation, conceptual sound performances as well as structured and composed pieces as well as music for dance, theater and video art. They perform solo, duo and group performances with improvisers, jazz musicians, dancers, and in orchestras. They have shown several sound installations in art spaces in Turkey, Germany and Hong Kong. They have ten CD and several digital releases. They play concerts across Europe, Middle- East, Southeast Asia and North America
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