Böseblick at Klub Katarakt Festival

The electronic music ensemble Böseblick will play their first concert of 2023 on January 19 at the Klub Katarakt Festival in Hamburg. The ensemble will play mostly improvised, but will also present some short structured pieces in their performance.

Böseblick are:

Alessandra Eramo, voice, tapes, effects
Korhan Erel, electronics
Ariel Orah, electronic
Kirsten Reese, laptop, objects

Böseblick was initiated by me in August 2021, when Sowieso invited me to organize a concert. Being a bit bored of seeing the same groups consisting of the same people in the improvised music scene in Berlin, I decided to bring together a group of musicians that had almost no connections to that scene. The result was a big success and we decided to continue as a band. Our name is a misspelled version of the German phrase for “evil eye” and comes from our vain attempts at making a band photo after our Sowieso concerts. Although the musicians were initially brought together by me, the group is completely non-hierarchical and I am nothing more than a member.

Böseblick was funded in 2022 by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin. This allowed them to rehearse regularly and present the results at a concert at KM28 in March 2022. Below are some excerpts from that concert.

About Korhan Erel

Korhan Erel is an electronic musician, improviser and sound designer based in Berlin. Their music covers free improvisation, conceptual sound performances as well as structured and composed pieces as well as music for dance, theater and video art. They perform solo, duo and group performances with improvisers, jazz musicians, dancers, and in orchestras. They have shown several sound installations in art spaces in Turkey, Germany and Hong Kong. They have ten CD and several digital releases. They play concerts across Europe, Middle- East, Southeast Asia and North America
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