Last three shows in May

Korhan Erel will be playing two concerts and presenting a lecture-sound performance in Berlin in the last week of May. In the first concert on May 26, Tuesday, he will be playing with long-time collaborators in Berlin and Istanbul: Elisabetta Lanfredini, Nicolas Wiese, Utku Tavil. This concert will be at XB Liebig. The second concert on Wednesday, May 27, is again with Elisabetta Lanfredini, as well as Uygur Vural and joining us in the second set, the great trumpet player Axel Dörner. This one will be at Donau115. The last show is “Is Paradise Cheaper?”, a lecture-sound performance with writer Göksu Kunak. Göksu and Korhan developed this performance on movement and being queer in late 2014 and presented it for the first time in the Quiet Cue concert series in January. This time they perform at alpha nova kulturwerkstatt – galerie futura in Berlin. Please see details of concerts below.

May 26 / Elisabetta Lanfredini (voice), Nicolas Wiese (electronics), Utku Tavil (drums), Korhan Erel (computer, controllers) at XB Liebig, Berlin, 21:00

May 27 / Elisabetta Lanfredini (voice), Uygur Vural (cello), Korhan Erel (computer, controllers) with Axel Dörner as guest at Donau115, Berlin, 20:30

May 28 / “Is Paradise Cheaper?” A lecture-sound performance with Göksu Kunak at alpha nova kulturwerkstatt, Berlin, 19:00

About Korhan Erel

Korhan Erel is an electronic musician, improviser and sound designer based in Berlin. Their music covers free improvisation, conceptual sound performances as well as structured and composed pieces as well as music for dance, theater and video art. They perform solo, duo and group performances with improvisers, jazz musicians, dancers, and in orchestras. They have shown several sound installations in art spaces in Turkey, Germany and Hong Kong. They have ten CD and several digital releases. They play concerts across Europe, Middle- East, Southeast Asia and North America
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